© 2011 Basak Ozuygur
Jewelry Designer Basak Ozuygur introduced her line Oz-Uighur to the public in 2006. In her designs Ozuygur interprets the beauty found in nature by extracting the simplicity of its forms, textures and colors.

Basak Ozuygur’s approach to design results in a modern, minimalist style that, with its textures and rich patinas, subtlety echoes ancient times.

In making jewelry Ozuygur hand carves and forms each of her pieces in wax, which she later casts in gold and silver through the lost wax technique.

Basak Ozuygur was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She is currently living in New York City where she studies wax model making with Dutch-born teacher Fred de Vos, at the Fred de Vos Wax Workshops.

Ozuygur also holds a degree from the New York School of Interior Design.

The Oz-Uighur line continues to evolve. Most recently Basak Ozuygur began studying ancient jewelry making techniques at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York City.